11 Punkte für ein GRÜNES Mainz (englisch)

1. For consistent climate protection:

We will implement the necessary climate protection measures, adapt to the consequences of the climate crisis and want Mainz to become climate-neutral by 2035.

2. Safe travel in Mainz

With the expansion of the tram system, good cycle routes, bicycle-friendly street design, 30 km/h speed limits and traffic-calmed areas, we are ensuring less noise, cleaner air and greater road safety.

3. More green spaces for our city

With the unsealing of concrete spaces, more trees and the development of a second green belt, we want to provide cooling and attractive places for people to meet, for local recreation and biodiversity in our city.

4. Sustainable development of biotechnology

We aim to make Mainz a global leader in developing innovative vaccines and novel therapies, planning to provide the necessary space in an environmentally sustainable and climate-positive manner. Therefore we want to develop the required space for this with exemplary standards for environmental compatibility and sustainable construction in a climate-positive manner.

5. Prioritising families, children, good education and childcare

For us, children and families, good education and childcare take priority and we want to further expand all-day programmes. In the future, we want to equip every Kindergarten with the ability to prepare fresh and healthy food.

6. Affordable housing

We stand for active municipal housing policy with the Mainzer Wohnbau as a strong partner to ensure diverse housing options that meet all needs. We want to slow down rent increases and continue to create new affordable housing.

7. Solid finances for a capable city

We have put the city’s finances in order, reduced debt and secured space for important future investments. We want to ensure that the city administration is well staffed and digitally modernized so that it is fit for the future.

8. Vibrant culture

We are committed to fostering a vibrant cultural life that inspires and entertains, offering development opportunities through inviting cultural institutions, a dynamic cultural scene, and vibrant celebrations and nightlife.

9. Sport and exercise

We promote school sports, club sports, recreational sports, and elite sports in Mainz. We are investing in sports halls and fields, planning to create additional swimming areas and realize the construction of a large sports hall.

10. Transparency and participation

Shaping the future is only possible together. We advocate for clear policies and are dedicated to enhancing transparency in administrative actions. For us, involving citizens in city planning is a priority.

11. Diversity, cohesion and good coexistence

We champion a colorful, diverse, and cosmopolitan Mainz, promoting unity over division and fostering a community where coexistence is free of exclusion, discrimination, agitation, and violence.